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Our Philosophy is simple; Football is an Industry like any industry in the world. Managing such industry requires all it’s items to work under the umbrella of professionalism. Managing football under Corporate Governance is the key to success in Egypt. Transparency, Clear Job Description, qualified management, delegation and division of power is what we Masr For Football S.A.E believe in.

Decisions we make at Masr For Football are not based on position. Our philosophy is giving everyone in our team a chance to participate in the Decision Making Process to learn and handle responsibility for Future decisions.

Our Dreams here has no limit. We dream of achieving International-level titles. We dream of providing Egyptian National Teams with their players’ backbones. We dream of granting the Egyptian people an International level stadium. We dream of providing all Egyptian talents a European opportunity in the most prestigious leagues.

We know very well that the quest is long. We sometimes joke here that we will not be able to witness the realization of such dream in our lifetime. We will be happy when, in the future, they recall what we founded long time in the past.

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