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Talent is gift from God to a few selected people on earth. For any industry to prosper, it must be founded on a solid mission, a clear vision, passion, creativity, a well-established structure, and a huge base of talents. But, is Football an Industry? YES, and if you do not perceive it as an Industry, I advice you to find yourself another career.

In Egypt, and for the last 50 years, people perceived Football as Entertainment, fun, passing time, and lately a political tool. That kind of perception acted as cancer for Egyptian Football. We are here to change that.

Masr is full of football talents. Walking in a small ally down town Cairo, or driving across Upper Egypt farms, watching a child dealing with a ball like any European professional footballer always makes me sad. Such talents deserve to have a well-established industry full of Job opportunities for them to improve their slandered of living, and benefit their country.

Masr, Our Country is what we love from the bottom of our hearts. Our Passion is for Football. We promised ourselves that we will (Enshaa Allah) create a well-established Football Industry in Egypt for future generations to benefit from, and benefit our nation, EGYPT.

When US President John F. Kennedy JFK, appointment Robert McNamara (Who was the chairman of FORD at the time) as Secretary of Defense in the 1960s, McNamara had to recommend a new chairman for FORD from his 12 Vice Presidents in the company. All the 12 VPs were good and qualified to replace McNamara. Do you know how did he choose his successor? He gave all 12 a Vacation! McNamara watched all 12 departments. He chose the VP whom his department was working correctly without the presence of its VP! Delegation is the key to success.

Although I am a total believer of Capitalism, my dream is providing what will reach (Enshaa Allah) at the end of our quest to the Egyptian People.


My Regards,

Ahmed Khalil

Founder, & Chairman

Masr For Football S.A.E

FC Masr


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